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Tim Shea, President of Uncommon Carrier

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Shea

Tim Shea, President of Uncommon Carrier, has been in the logistics and transportation industry his entire adult life. Tim started Uncommon Carrier, Inc. over 40 years ago, hauling books and spices into New York City with a 1968 Mack Straight Truck he purchased from Barnes & Noble. Incorporated in 1981, Uncommon Carrier has grown into a full-service transportation and warehousing company.  Over time, we  invested heavily in specialized equipment and became a specialist in the Import/Export overweight market. Tim is constantly striving to promote employee satisfaction and exceed the expectations of our customers.

In 2003, Tim started Uncommon Logistics (UCL), a non-asset based logistics provider, to better service his customers with designed logistic solutions. UCL provides service to its customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Tim possesses a unique range of skills and experience, delivering best practices and leadership to a wide variety of customers and organizations.

Matthew Shea, President of Uncommon Transport

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Shea

Matthew Shea, President of Uncommon Transport, has been in the brokerage industry for 8 years, but has a lifetime of experience in the logistics industry. Matt comes from a family of truckers that stems from his father, Tim, who is the founder/CEO of the Uncommon Group of companies.

Throughout his career, Matt has gained extensive knowledge of the logistics industry in the areas of imports/exports, truckload, LTL, refrigerated freight, and warehousing. He has worked for some of the top 10 largest 3PL’s in the US before starting his own company, Uncommon Transport. 

With his extensive knowledge and background, Matt has proven methods to save customers money, reduce risk, and meet expectations every time. Matt emphasizes leveraging technology to optimize customer service and productivity. While customer satisfaction is a core value, so is employee satisfaction. Creating an exciting and fun work environment is integral in attracting the right people and ensuring high employee retention. He believes that with great employees comes excellent customer service, which is the core of what Matt and Uncommon Transport strive towards.

Lauren Iradi, Vice President of Uncommon Transport

Vice President of Uncommon Transport

Lauren Iradi

Lauren Iradi, Vice President of Uncommon Transport, has been in the Logistics and Transportation industry for 8 years. Throughout her career, she has developed a deep passion for logistics and has gained extensive knowledge of the trucking industry giving her the ability to provide optimal solutions for her customers. Lauren is extremely customer centric, and her ambition is for her and her team to continually exceed customer expectations. Lauren has specialized in several areas within the logistics industry, but most recently concentrated on the refrigerated sector, where she has worked with some of the Top Food and Beverage companies in the country.